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Encouraging discussion, supporting change

If you feel you would like to understand yourself better or work alongside your partner to explore any difficulties you may be experiencing then Relationship Counselling may offer the support you are looking for.

Who Is It For

It is offered to individuals as well as couples.

How Does It Work

Our counsellors do not give advice but they will support you by listening to what you tell them and help you understand your situations, explore your options and support you whilst you are trying to make any decisions.

What to Expect

The first time you meet/see your counsellor, they will explain how they work and you will be asked to sign a contract directly with them.

They will listen to your concerns and help you work out the nature of your difficulties. They will support you in exploring and understanding yourself by talking and listening to what you have to say.

Some of the Things We Can Help With:

  • Major life changes
  • Bereavement or Serious Illness
  • Separation, Families re-forming, Step Families
  • Arguing & Misunderstandings
  • An Affair
  • Difficult situations that are adversely affecting the children

Our Service also offers support to unpaid carers with relationship difficulties in some of the local authority areas we cover. 

I would recommend your counselling service to any couple experiencing difficulties. It certainly helped me through a difficult time in our marriage.

Relationships Scotland Family Mediation Tayside and Fife is the operating name of Family Mediation Tayside and Fife