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Having an active healthy sex life is important in most intimate relationships. Sometimes we may experience sexual difficulties in our relationships and Sexual Relationship Therapy offers help at those times.

Who Is It For

It is for individuals as well as couples in opposite or same sex relationships who have concerns about or are experiencing a sexual difficulty.

How Does It Work

We realise it may be a big step to consider using the service. All our therapists will do everything they can to put you at ease to enable you to talk about the difficulties you are experiencing. The therapist will help you talk about how things are for you.

What to Expect

The first time you see your therapist they will ask you a lot of questions so they are fully able to understand how you are feeling, what is going on in your relationship and about the difficulties you are having. Discussing your sexual concerns in an open and constructive way provides an opportunity to work towards a positive outcome and change. The therapist will recommend the most helpful way forward. Sometimes this may be in the form of sexual tasks, exercises to try out at home between sessions. You will never be asked to carry out sexual tasks during a session.

Each of us is a unique individual therefore approaches may vary but the therapist will always work with you so you know at all times what to expect.

Some of the Things We Can Help With

  • Partners Having Differing Sexual Needs
  • Previous Sexual Abuse – Affecting Current Sexual Relationships
  • Physical & Emotional Ill-Health Impacting On An Individual’s Sexual Responses
  • Use Of Internet Sex That May Be Causing Difficulties In A Relationship
  • Addiction to Pornography (online)

Through counselling I am a happier, stronger and more positive person.

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