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About us

Our Vision

Positive and respectful relationships at the heart of Scotland!

Our Mission

Offering Family Mediation, Counselling, Child Contact Centres and other family support services to children, young people, individuals, couples and families facing relationship difficulty, separation or divorce.

Relationships Scotland FM Tayside and Fife was established in 1986. We are an independent charity and a member of Relationships Scotland. Our services conform to their Standards and Code of Practice.



Our services are provided by trained, accredited professionals. We take good care to select our practitioners and staff, to meet the expectations of our clients and the highest of regulatory standards. We also provide on-going development opportunities, to ensure our staff deliver an excellent service.


We support every family and individual with respect and empathy. We show equal respect to our employees, practitioners, staff members and volunteers.


It is not our job to take sides and decide who is wrong and who is right. Rather, we help our clients deal with their difficulties themselves. We do not judge. Our services are offered with fairness and neutrality in mind.


Families come in all shapes and sizes, and are from a wide variety of backgrounds. We support all who need it, irrespective of the type of family they live in, their age, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, language or disability.


We enable families and individuals to make decisions about their lives as much as possible, and to take responsibility for their decision-making. We ensure the children and young people develop a voice of their own and are included in decisions affecting them. We support them to make informed choices, and move on from conflict. We enable change to happen - whatever 'change' may mean to the family. We create opportunity, but we don't create dependency.


  • To promote for the public benefit, predominantly but not exclusively, the provision of services directed towards mediation, conciliation, reconciliation and counselling with the object of assisting any persons concerned in matrimonial and family disputes of any kind whatever, whether or not involved in any Court proceedings.To assist divorcing and separating parents to reach agreement about future arrangements, especially for their children.
  • To offer support and counselling to children and young people who are experiencing changes in their lives due to parental separation, divorce or moving into a step family.
  • To help children maintain a meaningful relationship with both their parents and their extended families.
  • To offer support and counselling to couples and individuals with regards to relationship difficulties and issues around separation.
  • To assist extended and step-families with negotiating arrangements around children, overcoming relationship breakdown and re-establishing communication.
  • To provide a holistic service to individuals and families experiencing relationship difficulties, separation or divorce.
  • To work and campaign for the understanding and improvement of the rights and interests of families.

Relationships Scotland Family Mediation Tayside and Fife is the operating name of Family Mediation Tayside and Fife